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About Us


Mission Statement

Stone World Mining Ltd. is committed to a constant and never-ending improvement in the delivery, effectiveness and quality of our products and services, through regular process review, continuing professional development, and customer feedback.


Vision Statement

To become and reman the preferred brand and the most innovative player in granite, marbles and polished stone technology.


Nigeria is blessed with numerous natural endowments: Good soil, clement weather, sea shores, crude oil, etc. These endowments have been exploited to help citizens and the economy. One natural endowment that appears seemingly neglected or not fully exploited is the huge stones and stone mountains that span various locations in Nigeria. Stone World Mining aims at utilizing this great gift of nature to bring extraordinary beauty in building structures and projects in Nigeria and also to enhance the economy of the nation.


Our company is located on a site spread over a 15, 000 area which houses the various production and office facilities.
The site includes those facilities required to carry out every phase of the production cycle: Heavy duty equipment for the excavation and transportation of raw materials; a derrick in the workshop yard for hoisting and lifting; transporting and storing; block cutting machines; frames for both marble and granite slab production. Stone-working machines for dressing, polishing and finishing; bridge type milling and water jet stone – cutting machines to handle any kind of project.

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Stone World has team of well-trained, very competent, incredible dedicated, and highly motivated officers and men. Staff strength is over 70 and counting.
Training is a core principle at Stone World. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of both management and staff in relevant skills is undertaken regularly to keep the company technologically up-to-date and ever-ready to meet the needs of its customers. Customer care, customer relations and work ethic are key features of the corporate philosophy.

Our Happy Clients

The company’s customers range from high net-worth individuals to companies and organisations.
For business, environmental and social reasons, Stone World is keen to broaden its customer base. The company is desirous of introducing more Nigerians to the allure of stone art. Stone products have high aesthetical value, quite apart from their high durability. Stone mining is a science well mastered at Stone World. Because stone design and production are art as well, the company is eager to stay innovative and at the top of its game in every area of its business: mining, design and production.
Because customer satisfaction is a vital feature of Stone World business philosophy, the company emphasises value for money in all its transaction. Competitive pricing is one of the most attractive principles of Stone World corporate behavior.

Stone World’s success story includes projects with:

  • Capital Oil and Gs Ltd.
  • B-Hive Consult Ltd.
  • Kossjess Haulage Ltd.
  • MOL Ltd.

Stone World is a responsible corporate citizen, headed and staffed by patriotic Nigerians. There is thus a high sense of social responsibility, environmental awareness, and corporate governance. We make money, yes; but, more importantly, we care for people and the environment. And we love our country, its land, and its resources and natural endowments. This influences our sourcing of sites for mining.

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