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Safety Policy

As matter of corporate policy, Stone World observes and complies with all Federal, State and Local statutory and regulatory requirements as to safety at work and the environment. The company also cultivates and nurtures good relationships with all communities in which it operates.

Stone World trains and re-trains its management and staff on the hazards inherent in stone mining and the means of eliminating or minimising them. The company also enlightens community leaders and others about its industrial operations and the steps it has taken to enhance the safety of those operations.

The company has policy of suspending or dropping any activity or project that cannot be conducted or continued in a relatively risk-free manner, from the point of view of workers independent contractors, and the host community.
We cannot stress enough the priority we at Stone World accord to the health and safety of our staff and independent contractors, as well as the continuing wholesomeness of the communities in which we carry out our operations. Accordingly: –

  • We have installed measures to prevent accidents and minimise their repercussions when they do occur.
  • We maintain a health clinic at our factory for the benefit of our staff, their families and independent contractors.
  • We reward employees not just for competence and skills, but also for observance of and compliance with health, safety and environmental regimes.
  • We maintain insurance packages to cover all our operations and for the workforce.

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